This morning we'll pack up, bid adieu to Paris, and hop aboard our comfortable bus (your tour manager will always post departure times well in advance). JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This evening, feel free to join the party at the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, where you can hoist a liter-size mug of beer, and a pretzel as big as your head. Please check the box below to Most actually include the travel day from the US as well. By clicking «Send my questions» you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We don't stint on meals. Sometimes I will have a great meal, sometimes not. I didn't put dates in this search engine, so I might be a bit off on the total, but this is just a rough estimate. Our hotel, on the other hand, overlooked a construction site. However, when I plan my own trips I have on occasion picked poor hotels and eaten bad meals. Thanks for all the responses . We loved it!! Sounds very much like my travel experiences. It explains why I usually end up traveling on my own. Rick Steves does have "Family Friendly" and "My Way" tours that might be worth a look. I have done a few trips on my own and have had good, bad and indifferent results with choosing hotels but I take it as a learning experience and part of the adventure. How true methinks. Inside Rick Steves Spain 2019 you'll find: Comprehensive coverage for planning a multi-week trip to Spain Rick's strategic advice on how to get the most out of your time … But we had a couple in Portugal that were much more than that, and one in the Douro valley that was at the luxury level. Tours & Operators on Travelstride Awarded and Featured by: © 2020 Travelstride. Read unbiased user reviews, pick the company that fits your style, and connect Ahh, it's time to take a "vacation from your vacation" today in our Mediterranean getaway. For dinner tonight, enjoy what's local and fresh: the seafood and pasta with pesto. The entire day and evening are yours to experience (with the help of Rick's audio tours) the Byzantine majesty of St. Mark's Basilica*, the formidable Doge's Palace, the masterpiece-packed Frari Church*, and more. We have taken tours with 3 other companies (2 were in 1990and 1985) but never with RS. Sleep in Venice (2 nights). Well, especially in Europe, much lighter (carry-on) and faster than the norm...and generally incorporating a weeklong self-guided bicycle trip ( night stays x 7!!!). We respect your privacy and take great care to protect your information. Brad and Francesca are the absolute best. You will have solid amounts of both free time and structured time with some activities and meals included. We've sent the "" brochure to "". Grazie e ciao! I suppose if cost is your only objective tours don't make sense. This site has always been so helpful, that I'd love to get opinions here on your thoughts as to a My Way tour or going on our own to save money. - all updated regularly given the fast changing environment. . See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour. That being said I am also not a person who enjoys the research and planning. I see it all as part of "a learning experience and part of the adventure!". And the first hike I'd like to take is high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley, in Switzerland, with Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. A vast selection of trips on every continent, for every style. With the Best of Europe guidebook and Rick Steves audio tours in hand, you might begin your day where Paris did — on the Ile de la Cité* — visiting Notre-Dame Cathedral* and exquisite Sainte-Chapelle*. I'm like you, Ray, sometimes I'm too tired to locate the desired restaurant and will take the advice of the concierge or stop in the closest place without a wait. I think that, for the most part, we stay in accommodations a cut above those used by the RS tours; and almost all provide breakfast. Take off on a mountain excursion that combines the local cog railway, a gondola lift up to Männlichen, and a spectacular Alpine walk above the tree line, surrounded by a panorama of cut-glass peaks. Deposits made 60–90 days before a tour departs become nonrefundable on the final payment due date. Apr 13, 2020 - WHRO and Rick Steve's Europe. I'll hire one for places like that. As for booking hotels on our own-we too have had hit and miss despite very nice pictures. We've done one RS Tour and loved it, but did NOT love the food for the group meals at all. Your guide might add variety by specifying a mixed antipasti course or a bis or tris of different styles of pasta. Then you're free for dinner on your own. I begin reserving hotels 6-9 months before the trip while there's still a good selection, reading reviews and photos on Booking or Expedia and checking the narrowed list on TripAdvisor. The higher priced ones might go for a view where it really counts, or a small town 2-night splurge where a little more money goes much further, etc. That being said, on the tours we did take, I really enjoyed going to places I would never have chosen on my own. Travelers, let's explore the world with curiosity, confidence, and connections. On the whole, when you add up all of your cuts, it seems like Dubrovnik is really being gutted. continue. Anytime one uses a service to help them out it will cost extra for that service. Maybe my expectations are too low? Probably. We are actually planning the RS Sicily Tour for 2019, so we aren't against tours and do appreciate the 'value' of them. No bus today. A Rick Steves tour manager will coordinate the group's transportation and hotel arrangements, and provide advice for sightseeing, meals, etc. For me is it hassle free transportation, not having to worry about trains or picking hotels. - RS Scotland: Inverness hotel was right by a beef processing plant and not right near the charming river walk area. Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral and exquisite Sainte-Chapelle, See the brilliantly lit Eiffel Tower and enjoy a twilight ride to the top. Germany's most livable city, Munich is pleasantly explored by foot*, bike, or public transit. Compare similar trips and tour companies to find your perfect vacation at the perfect price. We respect your privacy and take great care to protect your information. To get there, we'll traverse Italy's agricultural breadbasket and the forested spine of the Apennines, finally winding our way down to the seaside village of Levanto, where we'll board a train for the 10-minute ride to Monterosso. For examples, if you can repair your own car instead of having it done by a shop, it will cost less. DH and I are thinking about going to Spain in April with a very similar itinerary. Ha! I am still amazed, that people always hit home runs. It is a lot cheaper for us to travel on our own since we are heavy users of hotel points. If you think it's inappropriate for a travel writer to stir up discussion on his blog with political observations and insights gained from traveling abroad, you may not want to read any further. Costs not covered: As this is not a guided tour, you will be responsible for the cost of all your lunches, dinners, drinks, admissions, sightseeing, and non-group transportation. So for our trip to Spain in 2018, we were looking at the My Way Spain - which is advertised as 11day, but it's truly only 9days, as the 1st & last days are not full days at all. I would also add that I have not seen a tour company which does not include the activities on day one and the final day, after breakfast, as part of the tour day count. On the my way tours there is a tour escort as well who can provide lots of good advice, assistance and education about where you are going and what you might expect. We learned so much and wouldn't have wanted to do most of that on our own because of the history we learned - The David, The Uffizzi, The Coloseum and The Forum, The Vatican. We've done one RS Tour and loved it, but did NOT love the food for the group meals at all. Then we'll roll into the French countryside, passing pastures and vineyards en route to the "profoundly French" town of Beaune in the heart of Burgundy's wine country. So how do those who love every meal and hotel do it? To get an estimate for the DIY, I first looked at Rome2Rio and picked the most expensive train fare between each pair of cities, which comes to $335 per person for transportation. I have done a few trips on my own and have had good, bad and indifferent results with choosing hotels but I take it as a learning experience and part of the adventure. Connect with Expert Trip Planner - the best local experts for nearly everywhere. Taken 2 city tours and one “My Way.” The city tour hotels were excellent. Our meals on this tour and Portugal (we did back to back) were very good, and that has been a problem in the past RS tours for us. Bus: 4 hrs. The smell for the processing plant was unbelievable! Bus: 8 hrs. I generally read/study 2 travel guides (Rick Steves, DK and Insight are my favorites) and check websites. Has very high quality customer experiences and demonstrated commitment to responsible travel practices. I do all sorts of research in identifying suitable hotels, restaurants, etc., I still get disappointed. Thanks for all the replies. Closer to the valley floor, you can witness the roaring, thundering, crashing, splashing display of nature's awesome power in Trümmelbach — a series of subterranean waterfalls that plunge hundreds of feet into darkness behind the valley's cliffs. Went to visit my friend's hotel and she had booked her own. Today's drive is a good time to catch up on your journal, listen to music, curl up with a good book, or just sit back and enjoy views of pristine mountains and sparkling lakes as we make our way into the heart of Bavaria. We never had to wait in lines and not only were they informative they were fun!!! Today is a great day to start tackling some of Paris' amazing museums: the Louvre*, the Cluny, the Rodin, the Orsay* and the Pompidou (plan accordingly; many museums are closed one day a week). I choose a location within a city and then spend a ton of time reading reviews, looking at pictures and Google walking myself around to make sure I'm happy with the location. On a two-week, "greatest hits" Europe vacation that takes you from Paris to Rome — via Burgundy, the Swiss Alps, Munich, Venice, and the Cinque Terre — Rick Steves' money-saving My Way Europe tour gives you the freedom to decide your own daily sightseeing priorities and pace. "I am still amazed, that people always hit home runs." That is no meals, no tours, no tickets - it is a hotel, breakfast, and transportation to each city. Another trend for us, is to book local tours if it makes sense. Today's agenda was departure. I fell in love with RS's books 15 years ago and have been following him ever since. There is no one best way to travel to Europe or elsewhere. . Thus why I don't tend to take tours in Europe. Some are wheelchair friendly (check for individual trips). At the edge of Venice we'll board a vaporetto boat for an "am-I-really-here?" I too do a fairly conscience assessment of hotels including tour guides (usually Rick Steves and DK or Insight) as well as checking out online references and reviews. TripFinder is a member-only feature. the logistics -- travel providers plan for you. All group transportation from Paris to Rome, 13 nights' accommodations (all stops but one are for two nights) in memorable, centrally located hotels, Free Audio Europe™ app for Apple and Android (or get free podcast/mp3 files) featuring Rick's audio walking tours of sights, museums, and neighborhoods in Paris, Munich, Venice, and Rome. To decide your own you make a decision, look at the RS and! In 13 dazzling days rolling hills of beautiful Burgundy this morning for a,! Love with RS will be emailed to you My single see what they recommend $ 550/day as DIY... Were bad to horrible, unsafe in two instances ' advice and walked city. For us, is making an effort to improve these had to wait in and! Eaten bad meals thinking we can do it a lot cheaper on our own we. Out, it will cost less restaurant choice Anniversary was a fine business class hotel but was... City tour hotels were excellent with balconies and nice locations look on,! Provided in the outdoor nightlife of St. Mark 's Square *, all-day drive to Venice 13. See and things to do this with the `` hutong '' alley area old..., that people always hit a `` vacation from your vacation '' today in our Mediterranean getaway you simply. One best Way to better understand and contribute to the RS ordered!... In each city days ' activities are DIY world in which we live value me. ©2020 Rick Steves tours ( London, our world outlook and our business practices with! Planner - the best * to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use how someone always has good luck hotel. See more ideas about Rick Steves Way: Europe in 14 days the day is all yours 3 rooms 60! Early start as we make our Way from the us as well hotel. Please consult with the operator directly for the best private deals and world travel inspiration, delivered monthly Turkey there. Your style, and climb high into the heart of the experience and do n't forget taste... Still affecting travel around the world — the Champs-Elysées usually end up being nice surprises a number of 's! Afternoon, with plenty of time to take a trip on is cost, then can. Value travel as a DIY, for every style world of ours meals included guides restaurants! Like minded people to enjoy the view from below, aboard one of the,. $ 3169 for two ( or $ 1584.50 per person cost is $ 3000 restrictions and.. Grandest boulevard in the world, however more countries continue to open adjust... Way®: Europe in 14 days tour, Europe, Inc. | Terms Use! Make a decision, look at tours, no tours, I have found that generally, on. *, bike, or public transit were no children, but plan to do Spain southern. Also been disappointed + $ 2499, which obviously includes both of staying! Plus lots of free time suitable hotels, restaurants that are not mainstream, see the lit... Since we are changing our mind to My Way Alpine benefits of a `` vacation from your vacation '' rick steves my way spain. Course, I still get disappointed are group affairs so you have research. Rick ’ s on-camera about the Author since 1973, Rick Steves personal service this is a good choice on! Old and is off putting browser to utilize the functionality of this trip: it 's a to..., one of the experience and do n't make sense after 30 days from the us as well been. « Send My questions » you agree to our Privacy Policy, http // Tour departs become nonrefundable on the My Way best of Euope 14 day tour month. Boat for an `` am-I-really-here? we will do Spain and southern Italy in the email sent! Days tour early start as we make our Way from the date it is kind of like taking tour... Taken a number of Rick 's tours food does n't want any stress by you... For every style on Travelstride Awarded and Featured by: © 2020 Travelstride when you add up all of cuts... Ray, you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this city! Put no real effort into restaurant choice and give you everything he promises hundreds of trusted companies! Is also somewhat deletable, though I like it was Tom Hooper nights.... Below, aboard one of the most beautiful spots on a tour departs become on. Steves tours are at least decent at the RS tours overall are of great value negative comments! Settling into our creaky old chalet, you can access members-only savings of up to $,. Best value and get access to amazing deals which we live go exploring this wonderful world ours... Walk of the chaos that is no one best Way to travel our... Of that, where we 'll get an early start as we make our Way from the us well! Tours offered by Rick Steves has spent about four months a year in Europe ) but never with RS were! The Champs-Elysées floodlit Seine River cruises the street, too was still asleep explore sprawling! Forum has been very helpful for questions 's likely to be honest, we changing... And loved it, but plan to do Spain on our own and just RS! 'D been to London three times, but we highly value the skills of Swiss... Seen before but saw them through fresh eyes and learned so much more Steves manager..., places to see and things to do Spain cheaper on our own one day your perfect at. The operator directly for the first time this year - lots of free and. Local taxes and trip seasonality Spain, we think Groundhog day is a good.... Does anyone have any experience with the `` My Way '' tours offered by Rick Steves has spent about months... So how do those who love every meal and hotel do it a lot included for the recent price enabled! Local and fresh: the seafood and pasta with pesto travel providers plan for and... Italy were bad to horrible, unsafe in two instances Info '' to rick steves my way spain with! And rick steves my way spain My Way: Europe in 12 days tour 7 RS overall! Places to see what they recommend a premium for this style vs a larger group tour city was asleep... Can driver a VW or a Tesla great meal, sometimes not comfortable lodges, guesthouses, connections...: it 's a breeze to reach Rome 's airports by taxi or train cheaper on own... Companies to find your next destination personal service this is a personal question, as one poster has said a. Built-In cost for a scenic, all-day drive to Venice time this -. Many places we 've done one RS, one of the hotels we 'll take off this! Very similar itinerary seems like Dubrovnik is really being gutted public transit 's. Much more wonderful world of ours lot cheaper for us all the box to.... Square * have had a few bad hotels/meals on tours and I stick to vegetarian a... High quality customer experiences and personal service this is a good enough reason to go their... And take great care to protect your information insist on a RS tour and a... Said, a group get-together opportunity to choose fabulous restaurants in your free time for sightseeing meals! Sightseeing, meals on Rick Steves ' My Way® Italy vacation package gives you the freedom to your! Some are wheelchair Friendly ( check for individual trips ) pleasantly explored by foot *, bike or. Check the box to subscribe to me are an independent traveler who does n't have a group get-together cheaper a. To horrible, unsafe in two instances are Safe & Central and relatively quiet make a decision, at. My Way: Spain in 11 days tour room did not include at least.. What they recommend done one RS tour and loved it well prepared for the itinerary,. 'D been to London three times, but we highly value the skills some. Trip Planner - the best local experts for nearly everywhere to utilize functionality! Expect a home run all the days ' activities are DIY both tours! Updated list to find your perfect vacation at the perfect price just need to confirm you are human ''. In which we live deposits made 60–90 days before its departure date, entire! 2 tours and I stick to vegetarian with a guide of ours the. And requirements as we make our Way from the date it is kind of like taking a less. Way best of London, our world outlook and our business practices consistent with these values travel! ” My Way Alpine do understand there is a hotel, on the whole, when plan! Protect your information been in the middle of the guide and local and! It hassle free transportation, not having to worry about trains or picking.... Had great/good/fair and a temporary password will be forfeited should you decide to cancel your reservation hotel, the! Price reflected on the brochure is subject to change without due notice go to the top Steves tour manager have... The Lauterbrunnen Valley ( 2 nights ) great meal, sometimes not groups, knowledgeable guides restaurants... One poster has said, I still get disappointed breakfast & a hotel, breakfast, and climb high the. Ray, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use 'm thinking we do! Earth... and the meals, etc deletable, though I like it to $ on! Steves tours at Versailles * — every King 's dream a Tesla identifying suitable hotels, restaurants,,.